Development Programs

EFB started the development programs that serve the following:
  •     Developing needy cases who are capable of working
  •     Developing NGO’s skills
  •     Villages Development through the Mega Project
Developing the needy cases that are capable of working:
Throughout our experience in Feeding, and dealing with NGO’s all over Egypt and having serious studies on the cases registered under each of these NGO’s, we found that there are two types of needy:
  • Needy who is incapable of workingLike the “elderly, Orphans, widows, people suffering from chronic diseases” these are the cases whom we    serve through the feeding programs 
  • Needy Who is capable of working but doesn’t know a profession that would help him in making a livingAnd this is the type of needy whom we serve by the development programs
How do we serve these cases by the development programs?
EFB initiated a couple of programs as follows:
  •     School Feeding Program
  •     Illiteracy Programs and Behavioral Awareness
  •     Vocational and rehabilitation and Micro enterprises
  •     Mega Project


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