Food and Shelter, the basics of warmth

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Food & Shelter, The Basics of Warmth 

Cold has a negative impact on human energy, so we always look for sources of energy and warmth, whether it's food or clothing and blankets.

For the less fortunate, the suffering is compounded by poor health, malnutrition and insecurity. All because of the lack of resources and the poor economic situation that results in them ceding some of their priorities to others or choosing between them.

 Believing in the need to cooperate to stand by the needy during the winter season, Egyptian Food Bank and Egyptian Clothing Bank will cooperate to provide the needs through the following programs:


Feeding programs from Egyptian Food Bank

Monthly Feeding Program

Feeding Box Components / 120 EGP

3 kg Rice - 1 kg Macaroni - 1 kg Sugar - 500 gm Lentils -500 Cowpea - 1 bottle Oil - 2 cans of Beans - 1 bag Salt - 2 Cheese - 2 canned Meat - 1 packet of Tomato Paste

The ingredients of the monthly feeding box change seasonally.

Hot Meals Initiative (Distribution of 5 million hot meals in all governorates of Egypt)

Hot Meal Components / 35 EGP

  1. Rice + Vegetables + Meat / Chicken 
  2. Macaroni + Meat / Chicken
  3. Koshary


 Egyptian Clothing Bank Programs


  1. Winter Clothes / individual 100 EGP
  2. Winter Clothes / Family 700 EGP
  3. Blanket 300 EGP

    To donate to Egyptian Clothing Bank programs, please click on the following link

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