The Organization

EFB was founded and initiated in 2006 by a group of businessmen with the aim of serving the society and helping those in need by specializing in Hunger under the name of Egyptian Food Bank that would be converted to a national project that serves all governorates in Egypt.


EFB is registered at the Ministry of Social Solidarity under Registration Number 562

We Are

A non-profit organization specialized in fighting hunger through diversity and innovation.

We create effective programs addressing hunger problems by creating partnerships with those who care about the needy and hungry people in Egypt. 


Our Vision

Ending hunger in Egypt


Our Mission

Eliminating hunger problems through creating a diversity of long term development, awareness, educational and feeding programs to support our cause.

In co-operation with credible, potential partners in all sectors

(Individuals, official, volunteers, civil and private sectors)


Our Target

  1. Overcoming the great hunger issue in Egypt.
  2. Specialization in providing the basic need for every human being: “FOOD”.
  3. Continuity of giving to the needy.
  4. Professionalism.

Our Partners