Organizing the Charitable Work

With the aim of organizing the charity work and developing it, EFB has its own strategy in organizing the charity work and handling the cases registration and duplications in more than one NGO; which of course causes a kind of disorganization and unfair distribution for these cases.
Our main example for this issue is the Sacrifice Voucher Program, where EFB handles the distribution of the meat during the feast days as well as all year long; we also ensure that this meat is distributed in a timely manner in all governorates and to those who really deserve it.
Also, EFB initiated a much needed development plan for the NGO’s they deal with; they developed the human source qualifications and gave them trainings on their personal skills.
How Does EFB Reach its Cases?
3 main departments are involved in the process:
  1. Evaluation and NGO Selection Department
  2. Research and Studies Department
  3. NGO’s Department
EFB team from the Evaluation and NGO Selection Department visits all governorates in order to discover the people/areas suffering from severe poverty, and starts searching for NGO’s in the area. The process of the NGO selection starts by providing a list of registered needy cases in this NGO. The NGO premises is then examined internally in order to decide whether it is qualified to receive the monthly packages and whether they have the means to properly save and store it correctly or not.
As the NGO is accepted, the process moves to the Research and Studies Department which starts to study the cases registered in the NGO database. These studies are done by visiting the area where the cases live, and asking about them, or visiting them if possible. This process is very important to decide which of these cases really deserve the package, and also to make sure the cases are not registered in any other NGO. Once the case is categorized as a really needy case according to EFB conditions, the process then moves to the NGO’s Department.  This department is responsible for handling the NGO’s complaints, requests, packages delivery, safety in storing the packages, packages delivery scheduling, and last but not least the packages delivery to the needy cases under its supervision in a well organized state and without any humiliation.


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