Organizing the Charitable Work

The EFB utilizes an effective organizational system that ensures that the charity work taking places is constantly well structured, which includes a strategy for registering and organizing the underprivileged cases accumilated from numerous NGOs. This efficient system ensures that there are no duplications in the cases registered in the EFB data base, which guarantees the fair distribution of the EFB food packages. 
The EFB also ensures that during feast days, the meat accumilited through the Sacrifice Voucher Program is distributed to all governorates in a timley manner to the underprivileged cases that need it the most. 
Moreover, the EFB developed a much needed human resource qualifications system for the NGOs with which it collaborates, in order to offer them trainings and add to their employees' skills. 
How does EFB reach its cases?
3 main departments are involved in the process:
  1. Evaluation and NGO Selection Department
  2. Research and Studies Department
  3. NGO’s Department
The EFB team from the Evaluation and NGO Selection Department visits all governorates in order to observe and study the people/areas suffering from severe poverty, as well as scout each of these areas for NGO to potentially colaborate with. The process of the NGO selection begins with accumilating a list of registered underprivileged cases from the NGO, afterwards their premise is examined in order to ensure that its adequate to receive the monthly packages and will be effectively capable of properly storing them. 
Once the NGO is approved, the process moves to the Research and Studies Department which starts to study the cases registered in the NGO database. These studies are done by visiting the area where the cases live, and asking about them, or visiting them if possible. This process is very important to decide which of these cases really deserve the package, and also to make sure the cases are not registered in any other NGO. Once the case is regsitered in the EFB data base, the process then moves to the NGO’s Department.  This department is responsible for handling the NGO’s complaints, requests, packages delivery, safety in storing the packages, packages delivery scheduling, and last but not least the packages[ delivery to the underprivileged cases under its supervision in a well organized manner. 


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