The Feast Clothing Vouchers

Egyptian Clothing Bank cooperated with Egyptian Food Bank to launch the feast clothing voucher.


The Feast Clothes:


Egyptian Clothing Banks main target is to distribute new, nice, and decent clothes to 500 needy children distributed among different orphanage through the barium.

ECLB will provide those children with suitable new clothes to celebrate the occasion and bring the smile to their faces. You can participate with us by buying our vouchers for an amount of 150 L.E 


Clothes throughout the year program

This program aims at providing the needy families with decent clothes throughout the year, by giving them a package of clothes during the different seasons and occasions.

ECLB distribute this package among the needy families registered in the modified and validated database.


- Egyptian Food Bank donations collecting licenses number " 54 " year 2015 .
- Egyptian Clothing Bank donations collecting licenses number " 31" year 2015 .

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