Food .. A Basic Source of Warmth

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Cold weather has a negative effect on our energy and productivity levels, we even tend to eat more during winter to feel more warm and more energetic.

As for the less fortunate, their suffering is doubled as a result of what they suffer from health deterioration, malnutrition and insecurity. All of this is due to the lack of resources and the poor economic situation, which results in them giving up some of their priorities in exchange for others, or choosing between them. One of those priorities is food.

Egyptian Food Bank supports the poor by providing a monthly feeding Box, in addition to the initiative: hot meals (distribution of 5 million hot meals in all governorates of Egypt)

Monthly Feeding Box Components 120 EGP :

3 kg Rice - 1 kg Pasta - 1 kg Sugar - 500 g Lentils - 500 g Black eyed peas - 1 Bottle of Oil - 2 boxes of Fava Beans - 1 Packet of Salt - 2 Boxes of Cheese - 2 Cans of Processed Mear - 1 Jar Tomato Paste.

Daily Hot Meals 35 EGP: 

  1. Rice + vegetables + Meat 
  2. Rice + Vegatables + Chicken 
  3. Macaroni + Chicken 
  4.  Macaroni + Meat Balls
  5.  Koshary 

How to Donate:

  • EFB Premises: “Block 44 - The Third District, Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis - 3rd Settlement” or Bait Al-Hamd association: 4 Nafoura Square – Mokattam
  • Unified Bank Account 888777
  • EFB Permanent Stores: City Stars - Cairo Festival City Mall - Heliopolis Sporting Club - Dandy Mall - Hyper One - Gezira Sporting Club - City Square Al Rehab - Mall of Arabia – Tanta Mall.
  • Home Collection: Call 16060
  • Send SMS to 9595 (5 EGP per message)
  • Through E-paymen: Fawry – Masary - Aman - Bee
  • Through: Vodafone Cash – Orange Cash services
  • To donate from outside Egypt: Donate through EFB website or through bank transfers using the transfer codes of each bank.



Donation can be made through Visa or Master Card for any of the different Egyptian banks, and it is not required to be one of these three banks.


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