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In light of Egyptian Food Bank’s efforts to fight hunger and provide basic food for beneficiaries under the poverty line, and as a second stage for supporting day labor that already started on 19th March 2020 (as a result of the COVID-19 crisis); EFB has decided to provide feeding boxes with 230 EGP to the underprivileged COVID-19 cases in home isolation.

It is currently agreed that Home Isolation for COVID-19 cases is one of the best recovery solutions. However, some of these cases are from the poor who’re in need of continuous help to provide their basic needs and used to rely on day-to-day income to provide for themselves and their families. This is why we’ve decided to extend our support and include cases who tested positive for COVID-19; both the needy cases registered in EFB database and the day laborers who have been affected the most by the current crisis.


Who are the cases supported by “Home Isolation Box” program:

Those with the minimal income, who can’t afford providing the basic daily food intake; and have been tested positive after undertaking the COVID-19 test.
These cases are advised to apply the home isolation recovery strategy and EFB will be sending them a carefully designed box to fit the basic nutritional needs of this phase.

What are the conditions needed to receive the box:

- An official report from the hospital, confirming the case (whether a suspect or a confirmed case).

- The case must be from the criteria of people who can’t afford providing food while in home isolation.


How can potential beneficiaries ask for help and communicate with EFB:

EFB has specified a set of contact numbers for communication through WhatsApp. The numbers are location-based to ease the process and facilitate communication. The person requesting help will be asked to send the national ID, address, a copy of the hospital report; accordingly, he/she will be receiving an immediate response to set the soonest date and time for the box delivery.


Box Components:

The boxes basically consist of raw food and items to boost energy and immunity in order to help the cases through recovery and support the whole family in general.

(2 Jars of Orange jam - 1 Jar Honey – 6 Tuna cans – 1 KG Flour – 4 Fava Beans’ cans – 6 Cheese packs – 1 KG Lentil – 12 Anise bags – 12 Peppermint bags – 12 Ginger & Lemon bags – 12 Cinnamon bags – 1 KG Rice – 1 KG Macaroni – 1 Bottle of Vegetable Oil – 1 Jar Tomato paste – 300 gm Salt – 1 KG Dry Dates).

When does the distribution begin:

Distribution begins on 17/6/2020.

What are the safety precautions applied in distribution process:

We at Egyptian Food Bank have already taken all the necessary precautions to preserve the safety of factory workers. We’re also following the WHO and MOH instructions and standards to ensure the principles of hygiene:

-         Sterilizing EFB packing factory more than once throughout the day.

-         Making sure all workers in packing & distribution process are wearing face masks, gloves and head covers.

-         Make sure drivers and other NGO members are wearing gloves, face masks, and using hand sanitizers periodically.


How to Donate:

  • EFB Premises: “Block 44 - The Third District, Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis - 3rd Settlement” or Bait Al-Hamd association: 4 Nafoura Square – Mokattam
  • Unified Bank Account 888777
  •  EFB Permanent Stores: City Stars - Cairo Festival City Mall - Heliopolis Sporting Club - Dandy Mall - Hyper One - Gezira Sporting Club - City Square Al Rehab - Mall of Arabia.
  • Home Collection: Call 16060 
  • Send SMS to 9595 (5 EGP per message)
  • Through E-paymen: Fawry – Masary - Aman - Bee
  • Through: Vodafone Cash – Orange Cash - Etisalat Cash - We pay services.
  • Through: JUMIA application.
  • To donate from outside Egypt: Donate through EFB website www.egyptianfoodbank.com or through bank transfers using the transfer codes of each bank.


Donation can be made through Visa or Master Card for any of the different Egyptian banks, and it is not required to be one of these three banks.

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