Mega Project

As a mean of overcoming hunger and poverty, and throughout the studies that the EFB team has been doing on the cases, a huge number of villages where found to be needy in terms of services, development and poverty.
The mega project was launched in December 2011 targeting villages’ development and infrastructuring, making a change in the lives of 100 people living in these villages in a 10 years planned period with the average of 10 villages a year in partnership with COCA COLA EGYPT.
The project activities include:
  •     Schools, youth center and polyclinics maintenance.
  •     Handling infrastructure issues for water, lighting and modifying roads in addition to developing the human factor through illiteracy classes and vocational trainings.
  •     Providing revolving loans.
  •     Awareness campaigns and medical convoys.
  •     Other developmental activities are provided with the aim of providing people a better life.
Mega Project Time Frame:
  •     1st year starts from January 2012 till December 2012
  •     2nd year starts from January 2013 till December 2013 
The development process takes place as follows:
  •     Developing the InfraStructure
  •     Developing the human Factor


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