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10 years of delivering your meat sacrifices to underprivileged people….

The EFB had an authorization from Dar al Ifta’ that enables donors to authorize the EFB to buy, slaughter, freeze and distribute the sacrificed meat on their behalf to the selected underprivileged cases all over Egypt. This EFB program organizes charity work in a manner that ensures that donors reach underprivileged individuals that are truly in need, and that would not be otherwise reached by the donors themselves.  

Through the sacrifice voucher program, the donors give full authority to the Egyptian Food Bank to slaughter the sacrifice and distribute its meat to underprivileged people on their behalf during the feast period. According to the advisory opinion number 1732 year 2006, the local Sacrifice Voucher provided by the Egyptian Food Bank is for 3000Egyptian Pounds, which consists 1/7 of a buffalo or a sheep, while the Imported Voucher is for 1900 Egyptian Pounds.
The EFB does the slaughtering during the Tashreek days according to the Islamic Sharia in slaughterhouses in Egypt as well as abroad (Australia, India and Sudan). We distribute all the sacrificed meat to the underprivileged people during the feast and throughout the year.
Kindly note that we no longer give 5 kilos to the donors starting from last year in order to help more people in need.

How to Donate:

  • Donate through any of our locations, Fawry, Egyptian Food Bank premises located in the " 3rd settlement ", or a home collection: You will recieve a receipt for your donation.
  • Donate through Egyptian Food Bank Website: You will receive an email confirming the donation transaction to the Sacrifice voucher program as well as the number of the banking transaction.
  • Donate through Banks: You will receive a deposit receipt for donating in the Sacrifice account of the Egyptian Food Bank.

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