School Feeding Kitchen

Hunger is the main reason behind the children dropping out of school, their lack of focus and the repetitive failure as well as its effect on the child’s health.

Egyptian Food Bank built a complete kitchen inside schools under the School Feeding Program, which provides healthy and hot meals for school students in the poorest territories under the Ministry of Education supervision, this reduces parents’ burdens and provides healthy food for their kids at the same time.

EFB also provided the childrens mothers with cooking jobs and training courses at these schools; this not only gives the mothers a stable monthly salary, but also ensures that the quality of the food served will be at its best.

We developed the school feeding program to provide investment chances for Junior investors through financing, establishing and maintaining school feeding kitchens.

Also, the Egyptian Food Bank rents these kitchens for five years with rental amount including a profit rate and the EFB’s role will be to provide appropriate hot meals for school students.

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