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How can a child go to school and study without sufficient nutritious food?

Hunger can drive our children away from schools.

  • 11% of children deaths in Egypt are due to malnutrition.
  • 33% of children in Egypt (age 6-18 Yrs.) are stunted due to malnutrition. Stunting affects child’s ability to comprehend and concentrate during class. Stunted children are more likely to fail in education by 2% compared to nourished children.
  • Repetition rate in primary governmental schools reached 6%.
“Cost of hunger in Egypt report - Information Center and Decision Support”

The EFB launched the school feeding program in 2010, establishing school feeding kitchens in the poorest primary governmental schools in order to provide a daily hot nutritious meal to students throughout their school year. The School Feeding Program aims to provide nutritious meals to enhance the students' health and encourage them to attend school and increase their ability to concentrate and comprehend in class.

School Feeding Kitchen is additionally an opportunity for the students’ mothers to develop their skills and obtain a job. The EFB provides cooking and nutrition sessions for the students’ mothers (theoretical & practical) and then chooses the best 5 cooks and hire them for monthly salaries as kitchen chefs in a school, and another two as a kitchen general supervisor and a purchasing supervisor over 20 different schools. (For more information about the school feeding kitchen:

In 2014, we served more than 21,000 hot nutritious meals daily in 22 school kitchens in 10 different governorates, and hired more than 100 mothers in the kitchen teams. We are currently preparing 8 kitchens in 4 governorates to serve more than 9,000 meals daily. 

Sample of the served meals:



Nutrition Value

Protein Meal

  • Pasta with meat/chicken
  • Pasta Oven
  • Vegetables with meat/chicken
  • Carbohydrates & Protein
    & Calcium
  • Vitamin (A)

Calcium Meal

  • Rice pudding
  • Custard milk
  • Belila
  • Calcium & Carbohydrates

Integrated Meal

  • Koshari
  • Proteins, Carbohydrates & Minerals


Our Main Objectives:

  • Enhance the students' health by providing nutritious meals on a daily basis.

  • Educating the students and parents about the importance of the healthy nutritious meals.

  •  Motivating students to attend their classes by providing them with a daily hot meal that includes all the necessary nutrition elements to increase their concentration in class, decrease school drop out rates and absences.

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