Villages development project

Studies by the EFB have revealed that a great number of villages in Egypt still lack basic services, and suffer greatly from poverty and lack of developement. 
As a mean of covercoming hunger and poverty, the villages development project was launched in December of 2011 in collaboration with COCA COLA EGYPT, targeting villages' developement and infrastructure. The objective is to improve the lives of 100 person living in 10 different villages every year, for a planned period of 10 years. 
The project activities include:
  •     Schools, youth center and polyclinics maintenance.
  •     Handling infrastructure issues for water, lighting and modifying roads in addition to developing the human factor through illiteracy classes and vocational trainings.
  •     Providing revolving loans.
  •     Awareness campaigns and medical convoys.
  •     Other developmental activities are provided with the aim of providing people a better life.
Villages Development Project Time Frame:
  •     1st year starts from January 2012 till December 2012.
  •     2nd year starts from January 2013 till December 2013. 
The development process takes place as follows:
  •     Developing the InfraStructure.
  •     Developing the human Factor.


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