Vocational, Rehabilitation, and Micro Enterprises

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“A producing hand shall NEVER feel hunger”

Under this slogan and with our faith, we have to participate in eliminating deployment in Egypt, and push the production and development processes. EFB works on helping the needy cases who are capable of working by developing their technical and professional skills as a mean of increasing their chances of getting a job that helps them make their own living.
These jobs are provided through some parties/other entities who have previously held partnerships with EFB.
These programs work on 3 main aspects:

1.    Holding partnerships with organizations who are seeking employees.
2.    Recruiting the needy cases through the NGO’s dealing with EFB.
3.    Developing the chosen criteria by providing them with workshops.
Our Main Target from Rehabilitation Program:

Developing, recruiting, following up and evaluating 50,000 youth in a period of 5 years, through:
  •     Providing more job vacancies.
  •     Rehabilitation of capable needy cases.
  •     Providing organizations with their need of well trained employees.
  •     Overcoming poverty and deployment.
  •     Making use of youth experiences in pushing the production and development process.
  •     Helping the capable needy cases in making their own living.
Targeted cases from this program:
  •    Capable studied needy cases.
  •    Youth starting the age of 19 till 40.
  •    University graduates.
  •    Techincal Institutes graduates.
Partners in this program:
  •    Recruiting employees for (L’oreal- Emaar Misr).
  •    Rehabilitation and training protocol with Wataneya Organization.


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