Vows and Redemptions

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Muslims slaughter sheep or buffalos throughout the year for reasons such as having a new baby, buying a new asset (a car, a new home, etc.) or for pure charity to help the less privileged. However, slaughtering for the purpose of distribution is not an easy task. 

The main issues commonly faced are the following:

  • How will the slaughtering processes take place?
  • Where will it take place?
  • To whom shall this meat be distributed?
  • Are they really worthy or not?
  • How can the underprivileged cases residing in other governorates be reached?

The EFB has found the solution to all the latter questions through their Vows and Redemption Program, through which donors can authorize the EFB to slaughter, pack and distribute the sheep or buffalo meat to the underprivileged cases that are most in need anytime of the year. 


The donor solely has to donate the necessary money for the sheep or buffalo to the EFB, which in turn allows the EFB to handle the rest of the process on their behalf. In addition, if the donor wishes to receive a share of the meat, they must inform the EFB and their share will be packaged securely and delivered to them. 

The Vows and Redemption is distributed on the underprivileged cases in one of the following ways according to the donor’s choice:

1. Frozen Meat:
Where the slaughtering takes place and the meat is distributed immediately to the cases packed and frozen.
2. Canned Meat:
This takes place only with the slaughtering of a buffalo, where the whole meat is canned with vegetables to be distributed to the needy throughout the year.

Vows and Redemptions Prices:

1- Baffulo: 24,500 EGP

2- 1/7 Baffulo:3,500 EP

3- Sheep: 3,500 EGP

How to Donate:

  • EFB Premises: “Block 44 - The Third District, Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis - 3rd Settlement” or Bait Al-Hamd association: 4 Nafoura Square – Mokattam
  • Unified Bank Account 888777
  • EFB Permanent Stores: City Stars - Cairo Festival City Mall - Heliopolis Sporting Club - Dandy Mall - Hyper One - Gezira Sporting Club - City Square Al Rehab - Mall of Arabia 
  • Home Collection: Call 16060
  • Send SMS to 9595 (5 EGP per message)
  • Through E-paymen: Fawry – Masary - Aman - Bee
  • Through: Vodafone Cash – Orange Cash services
  • To donate from outside Egypt: Donate through EFB website www.egyptianfoodbank.com or through bank transfers using the transfer codes of each bank.



Donation can be made through Visa or Master Card for any of the different Egyptian banks, and it is not required to be one of these three banks.

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