Suffering Hunger

A lot of people are suffering from hunger Worldwide, which makes hunger a great issue that needs to be considered and solved in a timely manner. More than 850 million people worldwide are suffering from hunger, poverty and not having a daily or even a monthly income to make their own living.

90% of the people suffering from hunger and poverty are mainly present in developing countries. Egypt is considered to be one of these developing countries.
Hunger affects the person from different sides:
  • Feeling oppression and deprivation
  • Feeling angry
  • Suffering from diseases and malnutrition
  • Crime spreading
  • Kids running away from their homes
  • Husbands abandon their families because they can’t take their responsibility
  • Kids malnutrition and lack of concentration
The increase in the number of people suffering from poverty and hunger in return affects the society as a whole, this is because when someone is suffering in obtaining their basic needs, his attitude will change in a negative way, which will affect the society.

The person suffering from hunger will definitely have health issues, in addition to social issues that might result in any of the following cases:
  1. A father would forbid his children from attending their schools which will increase illiteracy.
  2. Forcing kids to work in an early age which will result in depriving them living a normal childhood.
  3. Crime percentages shall rise as a result of the lack of income.
That’s why hunger is a great issue that needs to be handled from all societies and everyone worldwide in order to decrease its percentage, which in return, will have a positive power that can affect the whole world in a positive way and attitude. It also helps in saving the human dignity and provides him/her with the basic needs that everyone should have the right to have.

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